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John Hemming
John HemmingJohn Hemming o/s Parliament
Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Yardley
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Local Issues

This will be a short description of the current status on local issues. The information will be correct at the time of publishing therefore if you are particularly concerned about anything then please contact John or his staff in his Constituency Office.

  • The Swan Centre & Tesco Development
  • New Swan Shopping Centre Logo LATEST - New Swan Shopping Centre opens to the public 20 February 2012

    The largest regeneration project in Yardley for decades is now complete.

    A new Tesco store and 18 other shops creating 450 jobs at the Swan Island Yardley have opened their doors. This project has taken 12 years of hard work by your local councillors and residents working with Tesco to complete. As well as improving shopping choice it also alters the road system and improves Oaklands park, changing the face of Yardley for 100 years.

    From the day a new shopping centre was suggested, your Liberal Democrat councillors worked with residents & the Yardley Forum to ensure completion of the centre. Along the way there were many serious obstacles to overcome. The majority of residents were in favour but concerned about traffic implications and the use of open space.

    As these issues were resolved a major problem erupted over compulsory purchase of land needed for the car park. Lib Dem councillors fought at the public enquiry to ensure the project went ahead.

    At the final hurdle Tesco wanted to reverse a condition offering £300,000 interest on the £3 million for improving Oaklands Park. We agreed to this to ensure the project went ahead. Labour voted against unconcerned that Tesco might cancel the development.

  • The Wagon and Horses and Glynwed
  • This is an issue that had caused us considerable concern. We worked on security issues within the pub site. We also contacted the owners to find out their plans.Aldi Development on the former Wagon & Horses Site

    On 24th August 2006 a planning application C/0530/06/FUL was revealed to turn the Pub and bungalow into a food retail store with parking.

    The owner was rumoured to be firm based in Erdington and we wrote to them to ask them what their plans were. Obviously the fact that the roof was burnt just before Monday 21st August 2006 did not help.

    We also searched through the Land Registry and found a different firm is the registered owner so we contacted them as well.


    As you can see from the photo (left) development of the pub site has been completed and provides a pleasant outlook for the area.

    As at 9th October a planning application for housing was entered for Glynwed site and the other application had been rejected.

    Glynwed Housing ProjectThose who use the Coventry Road will have no doubt noticed that building works for the Glynwed site were well under way and we had hoped that this project would provide a much needed boost for the appearance of the area.

    Sadly due to the current economic situation this project has come to a halt. We will continue to pursue this matter and hope that the project will be restarted as soon as possible.

    For further information on the residential development please contact us

  • Meadway Blocks re-development
  • Meadway Blocks demolished After much consultation we are pleased to announce that the 5 tower blocks on the Meadway have finally been demolished.

    Following this an affordable family housing development will be constructed in their place

  • Acocks Green Village Improvements
  • We would like to get the Railings in Acocks Green village replaced with bollards or planters to make the village shopping centre look nicer. This fits in with the shared space agenda.

    Officers are now incorporating local people's views into a development plan for future improvements following a recent public consultation.

  • New Hob Moor Junior & Infant School
  • A new school has been built where the old Oaklands Allotments site used to be. The Council had no choice but to use PFI for this as otherwise we would not have had a new school.

  • Coventry Road Safety
  • Following several major accidents on the Coventry Road there has been a review of potential improvements to road safety.

    Many improvements are being investigated including making the Coventry Road (A45) a red-route, closing many subways, relocating surface crossings and other improvements.

    Cllr. Mike Ward standing by the Bray's Road Subway

    Another unpopular pedestrian subway along the Coventry Road has now been closed. These have been blighted by graffiti and anti-social behaviour for many months.

    After much debate and consultation the council finally agreed to install a surface crossing close to the Bray's Road junction and have filled the subway in forever.

    We will keep you informed here as developments progress

  • New Play Areas
  • New play areas have been opened on the Radleys and Oaklands. The western side of the Oaklands should see some trees and security around the play area and car park.

    Page last updated: 05 December 2012