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John Hemming
John HemmingJohn Hemming o/s Parliament
Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Yardley
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John in the News - 2009

John Hemming is regularly in the national and local news.
A representative selection of his news coverage is shown here:

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- December -
22/12/2009: Speaker ‘Must be brave on Commons reforms or face regicide’

Commons Speaker John Bercow was today warned he could be the next victim of "regicide" if he fails to push through reforms.

news image
- November -
29/11/2009: Peak oil: the summit that dominates the horizon

Crude is still being discovered; existing fields are not being exploited to the full. So it’s hard to predict the exact point at which the world’s dwindling reserves will precipitate a crisis. But it’s coming [.. ..]

John Hemming has just written to the IEA challenging a range of its figures while urging the UK government to take "peak oil" more seriously. [.. ..]

news image
29/11/2009: UK Looks To Make Family Courts Open And Accountable

New proposals were unveiled by the Ministry of Justice last week which were intended to contribute further towards the contentious opening of the family courts [.. ..]

The newly proposed system of naming experts has also been extolled by those such as John Hemming [.. ..]

news image
24/11/2009: Plaid aims to force Brown to give date for Afghanistan exit

Plaid Cymru yesterday launched a bid to force a parliamentary vote on a withdrawal timetable for British troops in Afghanistan. [.. ..]

[.. ..] the independent MP for Blaenau Gwent and Liberal Democrat John Hemming have also signed [.. ..]

news image
24/11/2009: No evidence of postal vote fraud at city council by-election

Birmingham’s political leaders have reacted with shock that police have found no evidence of postal vote fraud at an inner city council election earlier this year.

news image
10/11/2009: ‘Cadbury to stay British’ motion

Birmingham MPs have tabled a House of Commons motion calling for the "iconic brands" of Cadbury and Bournville to remain under British ownership.

news image
9/11/2009: Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower

The world is much closer to running out of oil than official estimates admit, according to a whistleblower at the International Energy Agency who claims it has been deliberately underplaying a looming shortage for fear of triggering panic buying. [.. ..]

John Hemming, the MP who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on peak oil and gas, said the revelations confirmed his suspicions that the IEA underplayed how quickly the world was running out and this had profound implications for British government energy policy.

news image
7/11/2009: Britain stealing children for higher adoption numbers

There has been a major increase in the adoption of children in Britain since Government’s incentive to social workers. [.. ..]

Mr Hemming has said that he has evidence from parents that children are separated from families without proper grounds and is unable to publicise this because fo the court laws.

news image
5/11/2009: Jaguar Land Rover must regain trust of workforce, says MP Richard Burden

Jaguar Land Rover has been urged to repair workforce trust "damaged" by its new plan to close a factory at Solihull or Castle Bromwich as a campaign to protect thousands of Midland jobs went to Westminster.

news image
4/11/2009: Birmingham MPs welcome findings of Kelly report on expenses

Birmingham MPs today broadly welcomed the report by the standards watchdog.

news image
- October -
27/10/2009: Justice Secretary Jack Straw speaks at Birmingham conference as city tries to win thousands of Ministry of Justice jobs

Justice Secretary Jack Straw will speak at a conference in Birmingham on Thursday as work continues to entice thousands of Ministry of Justice jobs to the city. [.. ..]

Other speakers include the Conservatives’ Shadow Trade Minister, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, and senior Lib Dem MP John Hemming.

news image
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26/10/2009: Birmingham MP John Hemming gives refuge to Jersey whistleblower

A Birmingham MP has taken an on-the-run whistleblower into his home after he claimed asylum in the UK.[.. ..]

John Hemming says Stuart Syvret will be arrested "over his dead body" after the former Jersey health minister holed up at his London flat.

news image
21/10/2009: ‘They wanted to take away our child’

George and Liz McCulloch committed one simple crime in the eyes of the authorities. They fought for a better standard of education for their disabled daughter;[.. ..]

news image
19/10/2009: Dudley North Labour MP Ian Austin calls for televised general election debate in the West Midlands

The West Midlands could have its own televised general election debate, following Gordon Brown’s announcement that he will take part in a national debate alongside Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg. [.. ..]

news image
19/10/2009: Popular Birmingham club fights to halt sell-off threat

The bosses of a sports and social club face a race against time to stave off a sale that would end more than 60 years of tradition. [.. ..]

Committee members said they were surprised that the debt was being called in because payments were being met.

news image
18/10/2009: Smethwick mum’s baby snatched from birth pool by social services

Partner Paul, 43, said he watched in horror as mum and baby were whisked off to hospital separately after the dramatic social services swoop on September 15.

news image
14/10/2009: Birmingham MPs criticise Commons officials over expenses claims confusion

Commons officials responsible for confusion over expenses claims should face the sack, according to a Birmingham MP.

news image
7/10/2009: MP Hemming targets councils, police, health trusts

Birmingham MP John Hemming is calling for an independent inquiry into how councils, police and health trusts investigate suspicious child deaths.

news image
6/10/2009: Social Services report: Investigation author demands culture change at council

Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, a family rights campaigner, said: "This report confirms what I have known for a long time. There is a lot of really bad practice going on.

news image
4/10/2009: Battered Mothers’ Children Seized

Victims of domestic violence are having their children snatched away from them to prevent the youngsters witnessing the abuse. [.. ..]

Birmingham Lib Dem MP Mr Hemming, said: "This is a situation in which the state punishes rather than protects victims of domestic violence. The Government needs to urgently review this policy as it is doing untold harm to hundreds of families."

news image
3/10/2009: MP puts forward case for Kashmir

He was joined by Wajid Hassan, the British High Commissioner for Pakistan, Qassim Afzal, the founder of the Friends group and John Hemming MP. [.. ..]

news image
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1/10/2009: Innocent Yardley pensioner branded a criminal after rookie cop’s blunder

A law-abiding pensioner was publicly named and shamed for a crime he didn’t commit - after a bungling rookie cop ticked the wrong box on a form. [.. ..]

Mr Hancox praised Yardley’s Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming for his help in resolving the matter to his satisfaction.

news image
- September -
24/9/2009: Lib Dem conference: British public lose confidence in Afghanistan

Delegates at the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth voted to endorse a motion calling on ministers to "conclude the Afghanistan mission" and report to MPs on "progress towards a withdrawal."

news image
22/9/2009: Birmingham MP John Hemming backs Vince Cable’s plans for tax hike on wealthiest homeowners

Proposals for a tax hike on the wealthiest homeowners to fund tax cuts for low-earners have been backed by a Birmingham MP.

John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) backed calls for a new levy on homes worth more than £1 million.

news image
22/9/2009: Lib-Dems want exit strategy to end war on Taliban

Liberal Democrats today ratcheted up the pressure for Britain to end its military campaign in Afghanistan.

Backbencher John Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley, branded the decision to deploy thousands of troops to the southern Helmand province as a "mistake". [.. ..]

news image
20/9/2009: Care threat to girl ‘Left Disabled By Cancer Jab’

Social workers are poised to take a teenager into care after her mother claimed she was left paralysed from a cervical cancer jab.

news image
18/9/2009: Postal vote fraud rocks Birmingham by-election in Sparkbrook

Police are investigating the worst outbreak of voter fraud at a Birmingham City Council election for five years.

Almost 400 postal votes cast at Thursday’s Sparkbrook ward by-election - a third of the total issued - were rejected as likely forgeries.

news image
17/9/2009: PHC to host reception for Liberal Democrats

Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Wajid Shamsul Hasan is hosting two back-to-back receptions on the sidelines of Liberal-Democrats annual party conference in the seaside resort city of Bournemouth.

news image
14/9/2009: Phoenix Four hit back at MP Hemming over lawsuit threat

The Phoenix Four today accused Birmingham MP John Hemming of "sour grapes" and "hot air" following threats to sue the former Rover bosses to recover millions of pounds for former workers.

news image
12/9/2009: Phoenix Four clawback spurned by Ministers

Ministers rejected plans which could have seen MG Rover bosses pay back the millions they milked from the doomed car giant.

news image
11/9/2009: John Hemming MP on MG Rover ahead of government report

Today marks the end of a four-and-a-half year wait for a report into the collapse of MG Rover. The Birmingham Post has spoken to three people close to the Birmingham car giant about its collapse and the legacy it left.

MP John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) led what became the Phoenix bid to buy MG Rover - only to be forced out of the project at an early stage. He still believes Rover could have been saved if community representatives like him had been involved in running the firm.

news image
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6/9/2009: Question a doctor and lose your child

Parents are being threatened with having their children taken into care after questioning doctorsí diagnoses or objecting to their medical care. [.. ..]

Cases are emerging across the UK:

news image
2/9/2009: MPs join debate over future of Midlands daily

Four MPs have joined the debate over the future of one of the UK’s biggest-selling regional dailies. [.. ..]

news image
1/9/2009: Former MG Rover workers could share £22m payout

MPs have called for the £22m left on the books of collapsed car maker MG Rover to be distributed to the company’s former employees.

news image
- August -
25/8/2009: Dead Birmingham soldier’s girlfriend falls out with family in wrangle over will

The family of a Birmingham soldier killed in Afghanistan is locked in a distressing feud with his girlfriend over the fallen marine’s estate. [.. ..]

Yardley MP John Hemming is now backing Ms Polino’s argument and has called on the MoD to conduct a rigorous search for the alleged 2008 document.

news image
22/8/2009: Birmingham city centre riots: Police and politicians meet to discuss events

The scuffles and clashes which followed recent anti-extremism demonstrations are under the spotlight at a public meeting featuring city MPs and community leaders this weekend.

news image
15/8/2009: This mother went on the run across Europe after social workers tried to snatch her son.

Angela Wileman never thought this day would come. She wraps her arms around her seven-year-old son Lucas, as if she cannot let go. ‘I have fought to keep him and I have won. At last we can stop running away,’ she says with relief in her voice.

news image
14/8/2009: Hemming anger at Ainsworth’s ‘defeatism’ claim over Afghanistan

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has provoked an angry response after he claimed British troops in Afghanistan were being let down by a lack of support on "the home front".

The MP for Coventry North East, who took over Defence in June, criticised "defeatism" among some critics of the campaign in Afghanistan.

But Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) warned that Ministers needed to reconsider their own approach to the Afghan conflict.

news image
7/8/2009: Caravan? Croatia? Where are MPs on hols?

Who’s off to watch their friend take off in a space rocket, and who is staycationing in wet and windy Blighty?

We rang around their Westminster flunkies to find out. But some politicians were rather more forthcoming than others [.. ..]

news image
3/8/2009: Child abuse findings still missing from council website

Birmingham city council officials were left red-faced last night after a pledge to reveal the findings of investigations into the cases of eight children who died from suspected abuse or neglect backfired. [.. ..]

John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) added: "Whoever devised the rules for the safeguarding children website does not understand it’s about communicating with people not about keeping things secret." [.. ..]

news image
- July -
30/7/2009: Liberal Democrat probe into Birmingham councillor Ayoub Khan goes on

Liberal Democrat claims that disgraced Birmingham city councillor Ayoub Khan was cleared of wrongdoing by an internal party inquiry have collapsed into embarrassing confusion.

[.. ..] Birmingham Liberal Democrats have continued to rally around Coun Khan, with city MP John Hemming repeating allegations about the Range Rover. [.. ..]

news image
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26/7/2009: MoD loses wills of British heroes: Heartbreak for families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan

The last wishes of soldiers killed in Afghanistan are not being honoured because the wills of fallen heroes are being lost by bungling officials.

[.. ..] Gemma Polino's Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming said: ‘There has to be a wide-ranging investigation into the whole system of how wills and other documents of the fallen are handled by the MoD. The Government has no excuse. [.. ..]

news image
25/7/2009: Father banned from family home by social workers over unfounded allegations

A father of four who was forced out of his own home by social workers over unfounded allegations of sexual abuse has been reunited with his family.[.. ..]

news image
21/7/2009: Birmingham social workers lack practical experience, says MP Hemming

[.. ..] John Hemming said social workers were spending too much time in the office "in front of computers" and failing to get out and talk to parents and young people thought to be at risk of physical or sexual abuse. [.. ..]

news image
21/7/2009: MP John Hemming calls for swine flu sufferers to be barred from entering UK

[.. ..] John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) said airlines were preventing people leaving Britain if they were infected with the H1N1 virus, but there were no restrictions on people coming into the country. [.. ..]

news image
20/7/2009: Inquiry to expose failures of Birmingham children’s social services

An inquiry into the poor performance of Birmingham children’s social services will expose systemic failure in a department unfit to cope with the growing pressures of looking after vulnerable young people in the 21st century [.. ..]

news image
13/7/2009: John Hemming asks...

The recent announcement of another ‘independent enquiry’ into the collapse of MG Rover is yet another example of this governments constant use of ‘independent enquiries’ to delay and absolve themselves of responsibility for decisions [.. ..]

news image
11/7/2009: Birmingham city centre rally unites against racism

Protesters were today holding a rally in Birmingham city centre calling for people to unite against racism following a controversial gathering a week ago.

The Unite Against Fascism demonstration was being held at 3pm in High Street, next to the Bullring shopping centre, and was being backed by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming and Coun Salma Yaqoob (Respect, Sparkbrook).

news image
7/7/2009: Ministers face MG Rover payout fury

Former MG Rover workers will have to wait until the end of a fresh inquiry into the fate of the Birmingham carmaker before a long-awaited £16 million compensation fund can be released, Ministers have said.

news image
2/7/2009: Birmingham Lib Dem MP backs motion supporting disabled children

[.. ..] John Hemming, Liberal Democrat MP for Yardley, is backing a new campaign by group Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) and has signed up to a backbench early day motion to improve services [.. ..]

news image
2/7/2009: Former Birmingham MP at centre of ‘jobs for the boys’ row

[.. ..] Lord Rooker, who represented Birmingham Perry Barr for 27 years, has been asked to chair the Food Standards Agency - where he will earn £60,000 a year, working just two days a week. [.. ..]

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming (Birmingham Yardley) accused Labour of trying to maintain control of the machinery of government even if it lost the next election.

news image
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- June -
30/6/2009: What a difference five years has made to Birmingham City Council

After 20 years spent running the City Council, the Labour Party found itself dumped out of office by a Conservative - Liberal Democrat coalition. [.. ..]

One of the coalition’s trump cards has been the unity and strength of the council cabinet.

news image
23/6/2009: Strolling over Beethoven: Playing the PIANO in the street... could this be the start of a new craze?

It’s a grand idea - plonk 30 pianos in city streets and invite ANYONE to play. Our distinctly rusty maestro braved the (bemused) crowds to have a go. And no, he wasn’t Brahms and Liszt

news image
23/6/2009: Amend smoking ban, save pubs - says new campaign

A new cross-party campaign has called for changes to the smoking ban to help save pubs and clubs.

MPs from the three main parties have also agreed to support the campaign including Conservative Greg Knight, Labour’s David Clelland and Lib Dem John Hemming.

news image
22/6/2009: John Hemming: We should all elect the Prime Minister

I do not wish to see the end of the monarchy and hence I am not suggesting that we elect a president, but to sample the appetite for the direct election of the head of the executive I have proposed an Early Day Motion calling for the direct election of the Prime Minister.

news image
6/6/2009: British baby siezed in Ireland after parents flee social workers over custody row

A three-day-old girl is at the centre of an emotional custody battle after a British couple fled to Ireland to have their baby only to have it siezed by social workers in the Republic.

news image
1/6/2009: Mother in fight to stop her daughter being adopted

A mother who has been told her daughter will be adopted because she does not have the mental capacity to look after her claims the child has been "stolen".

news image
- May -
31/5/2009: ‘They stole my little girl,’ says mother judged too stupid to care for her baby

A young mother who was judged too stupid to care for her own baby has accused social workers of ‘stealing’ the child from her.

news image
26/5/2009: Birmingham MPs open up their books

[.. ..] John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) said he had now examined his claims in detail - for the first time. [.. ..]

news image
19/5/2009: Mike Whitby survives but must get the message

Mike Whitby confounded his critics last night but the Birmingham City Council leader must change tack if he is to avoid further attempts to kick him out of office [.. ..]

The first few months of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, led by Whitby and John Hemming, contrasted sharply with the inertia and decay of Birmingham in the final years of Sir Albert Bore’s Labour administration.

news image
18/5/2009: Only the Speaker can restore faith in Parliament. That is why Mr Martin must go

The truth is that over the years he has made the wrong decisions and given the wrong leadership on almost every vital issue at the heart of running our democracy. [.. ..]

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming found that a constituent was threatened with imprisonment if he spoke to his MP about a family court matter.

Mr Hemming sought to have that referred to the Standards and Privileges Committee. The Speaker blocked it.

news image
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18/5/2009: Speaker Michael Martin apologises but rejects calls to resign

Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker, today said he was "profoundly sorry" for his part in the MPs’ expenses crisis but defied calls to stand down from his post.

Earlier today Carswell revealed that 15 MPs had signed a motion expressing no confidence in Martin.[.. ..]

Those who have said publicly that they would support the motion include Labour MPs Paul Flynn, Gordon Prentice and Kate Hoey [.. ..] and the Liberal Democrats Norman Baker, John Hemming, Jo Swinson, Lynne Featherstone and Stephen Williams.

news image
15/5/2009: Julie Kirkbride: I understand anger over expenses claims

Bromsgrove MP Julie Kirkbride, at the centre of a fresh expenses scandal, insisted she understood "the public anger" after her husband was forced to resign as a senior aide to David Cameron. [.. ..]

Birmingham MP John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) told The Birmingham Post he had decided to stop claiming any subsidies on his London home, even though he is entitled to financial support for the cost of having a residence near Parliament as well as one in his constituency.

news image
14/5/2009: MP backing calls for Speaker to quit

John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) took the extraordinary step of calling on Michael Martin to quit as Speaker.

news image
14/5/2009: MPs attack island senator arrest

UK MPs are condemning the arrest of Senator Stuart Syvret by Jersey Police.

A Commons motion has been tabled by Lib Dem MP John Hemming, which has also been signed by Labour MP Austin Mitchell and Tory MP Peter Bottomley.

news image
11/5/2009: MP Roger Godsiff leads plans to £20bn replacement for Trident

A Birmingham MP is leading opposition to plans for a £20?billion replacement for the Trident missile system. [.. ..]

John Hemming (Lib Dem, Yardley) has also put his name to the motion.

news image
8/5/2009: Villa Park to host rally promoting racial harmony

Politicians, musicians and trade union leaders from across the West Midlands will gather at Villa Park tomorrow to campaign against far right political parties.

Among those appearing at the anti-racist rally are former Beautiful South singer Dave Hemingway, Birmingham MPs Clare Short and John Hemming and representatives of the UNITE and NUT unions.

news image
2/5/2009: Mortgage Rescue Scheme has not helped one West Midland’s family

An official scheme to help families keep their homes during the recession has not helped a single family in the West Midlands - despite 48 pleas for aid.

The Mortgage Rescue Scheme was announced by Gordon Brown last September as part of a package to provide "real help" to people struggling with the downturn.

news image
- April -
30/4/2009: Veteran vanmaker LDV set to go bust

British vanmaker LDV admitted yesterday it was going bust as the recession looked set to claim its first major motor industry casualty.

news image
29/4/2009: Family courts system accused of hiding evidence from parents

Parents fighting in the family courts for contact with their children are being denied access to their personal files by a corrupt system, a leading parental rights campaigner has said.

news image
27/4/2009: The Shining Light of the Media

Today sees the opening up of family courts to the media as a result of new legislation. From now on, according to the amended Family Proceedings Rules, "accredited representatives of news-gathering and reporting organizations" will be allowed inside all family proceedings courts, whether divorce or private or public children law.

news image
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17/4/2009: Senator accuses police of erasing numbers from his mobile phone

The politician arrested last week for allegedly breaking data protection laws says Jersey police have erased numbers from his mobile phone.

news image
16/4/2009: Alison’s son was snatched away after she was wrongly branded a child abuser...now she fights for justice for other mothers

This month, her three-year campaign with John Hemming MP to open up family courts will pay off, as journalists and charity representatives such as herself are finally allowed to attend case conferences, enabling greater public scrutiny of procedures.

news image
10/4/2009: Openness of family courts is a ‘con trick’

Jack Straw has been accused of a confidence trick over plans to open the family courts to the media.

John Hemming, MP, has warned that although the Justice Secretary’s new rules will allow the media to attend family court proceedings for the first time, reports cannot be published without the judge’s permission.

news image
- March -
24/3/2009: Bulldozers move in at site of eyesore Swan shopping centre

A city suburb’s skyline will change forever when Yardley&rsquos ugly duckling Swan Centre is raised to the ground.

Bulldozers are finally poised to begin tearing down the eyesore to make way for a £10 million precinct of shops and a Tesco superstore.

news image
17/3/2009: Residents need to be heard on converting homes

Residents should be consulted over plans to convert family homes in their street into bedsits or house-share properties, according to a city housing chief.

news image
17/3/2009: Jersey abuse case review rejected

A bid to secure a judicial review into the Jersey child abuse inquiry has been rejected at London’s High Court.

It was brought by Jersey senator Stuart Syvret and UK Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who say the law has been subverted by a "cover-up and political interference".

news image
4/3/2009: BNP shot down after it uses a POLISH Spitfire to front its anti-immigration campaign

The British National Party was ridiculed last night for fronting its anti-immigration campaign with a picture of a Polish Spitfire. [.. ..]

But Air Force history experts have identified that the aircraft was actually flown by the RAF’s 303 Squadron - made up of expatriate Poles rescued from France shortly before Nazi occupation. [.. ..]

But John Hemming, MP for Yardley, Birmingham, ridiculed this claim. He also condemned the far-right party for using the image of Polish heroism in a campaign that includes stemming immigration from Poland.

news image
- February -
26/2/2009: Huge housing cash drain is hurting Birmingham - chief

Birmingham council tenants are subsidising the rest of the country by almost £100 million a year, the city council has warned.

John Lines, Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said the cash drain was preventing the authority from building new homes for thousands of city residents.

news image
26/2/2009: Government rejects cut in UK Bingo Hall tax - Online Bingo News

The severe economic climate is not set to improve for Bingo Halls across the UK who had hoped the government might relent after a series of strong complaints about the extra VAT imposed on the land-based UK Bingo industry

news image
23/2/2009: MPs, agony aunts and journalists to meet over family justice system

A group of MPs, led by John Hemming, has organised a meeting at the House of Commons with a group of journalists and media agony aunts to discuss the care system and family courts.

news image
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15/2/2009: Revealed: Britain’s devastating 50-a-year toll of ‘Baby P’ murders

Social Services could be failing to prevent the deaths of almost 50 children a year at the hands of their parents and guardians.

The biggest-ever media investigation into lethal child abuse, published in The Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine today, reveals the shocking hidden toll of children who die of suspected neglect or abuse in their families’ care

news image
15/2/2009: Justice Ministry to bar parents from telling their own stories

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming agrees: "There are two issues here. One is that the press will be prevented from reporting cases like the Websters with their names and faces. The other is that, at the moment, children who are in care are entitled to speak out if they are unhappy, although it doesn’t happen very often because nobody knows how to do it. The effect of this change will be to gag them."

news image
14/2/2009: The 228 child deaths they didn't want to tell you about

On July 1 last year, John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley, wrote under the Freedom of Information Act to all local authorities in England that deal with child protection. He wanted to know the number of child death SCRs commissioned by the authorities, along with the ages of the children and the dates of their deaths. Hemming’s findings - which he has shared with us exclusively and form part of our investigation - are important.

news image
12/2/2009: MPs back Commons motion on media representation of social workers

The shadow minister for children, Tim Loughton, and Plaid Cymru’s Parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd are among the signatories of the early day motion tabled by John Hemming MP a week ago.

news image
10/2/2009: MP blasts far right protest in Birmingham

BNP members are expected to lobby the city centre headquarters of the General Teaching Council, where the case of teacher Adam Walker - who faces the sack for allegedly contributing to a British National Party website discussion on asylum seekers while taking a lesson- is being considered.

news image
7/2/2009: Yardley MP launches campaign to put Britannia back on our coinage

She’s been a symbol of Britain since Roman times, and her image has appeared on coins since 1672.

But 300 years of history came to an end last year, when the Royal Mint decided Britannia no longer had a place on the nationís coins.

news image
2/2/2009: Birmingham MP demands graffiti vandals clean up their own mess

Removing graffiti from the streets of Birmingham could be the key to cutting crime and anti-social behaviour, according to a city MP.

John Hemming (Lib Dem Yardley) is calling for a government crackdown on spray-painted slogans on walls and doorways.

news image
- January -
30/1/2009: £50,000 grant to tell story of Birmingham’s rock music history

From Ozzy Osbourne to Duran Duran, and not forgetting UB40, Birmingham is Britain’s very own music hit factory.

Now, in news that will be music to the ears of fans of the city’s bands, the National Lottery has awarded a £50,000 grant to a community heritage project celebrating that history.

news image
26/1/2009: Constituency meeting with Tesco re Yardley scheme

Opportunity To Hear About Plans To Start The Regeneration Of The Swan Centre, Yardley Tesco Presentation on

Thursday 29th January 2009 5.30pm - 6.00pm South Yardley Library.

Tesco would like to present details on the start of the regeneration of The Swan Centre in Yardley.
The aim of the meeting is to outline how Spenhill, the regeneration subsidiary of Tesco, will commence the scheme around mid February starting with the demolition of the outdated retail and multi-storey car park buildings.

For a copy of the leaflet produced by tesco outlining the proposals click on the link below.

news image
24/1/2009: Take more children into care, says Barnardo’s chief Martin Narey

However, John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP and chairman of Justice for Families, pointed to data from the Department for Children, Schools and Families ...

news image
21/1/2009: MPs’ joy after three Birmingham fire stations are saved

Three Birmingham MPs have today welcomed the decision to keep fire stations in south east Birmingham open and operational after backing local protests against the proposals and thanked the thousands of residents who signed petitions...

news image
18/1/2009: Birmingham child services probed after 10 suspicious deaths

City MP John Hemming said targeting local authorities over the deaths and abuse of children would not solve what is a national problem. ...

news image
6/1/2009: MPs unite to back JLR campaign

Politicians from across the political spectrum today united in support of the campaign and backed calls for a government loan to support Jaguar Land Rover through the credit crunch. ...

news image
2/1/2009: City holds peace vigil for Gaza

Birmingham politicians and peace campaigners will hold a vigil today in a bid to stop the Israeli campaign on Gaza....

...John Hemming (Lib Dem, Yardley): "We are in unprecedented circumstances and unprecedented action is called for." ...

news image

Page last updated: 22 December 2009