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John Hemming
John HemmingJohn Hemming o/s Parliament
Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Yardley
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Family Law

One area of public policy that needs urgent reform is that relating to "Public Family Law". That is the laws in respect of child protection.

The Justice for Families Campaign Group has been set up to support families who have suffered at the hands of a system that is urgently in need of reform and to campaign for system of Public Family Law where the right decisions are taken through due process and with proper evidence.

Experiments on Babies

For various reasons that will become clear over time I have been looking at various aspects of research into Babies' respiratory systems. This is relevant because it is the case that Child Protection proceedings have been used to either prevent parents complaining about this research or to push parents into allowing their babies to be experimented on.

Some of the experiments involved reducing babies' Oxygen intake. The linked report looks at the question of Did Research Cause Deaths

Interesting Documents
  • The Service Users Joint Statement is an interesting report that I do not necessarily endorse fully, but is worth reading.

  • Interesting Court Cases
  • Clayton v Clayton is the first real chink in the armour hiding away the workings of the Family Courts.

  • US Birmingham Appeal Court on MSbP this 2004 appeal judgment is particularly interesting as it relies upon Experts who say that if people deny MSbP and the Doctors cannot explain their child's illness then they are too dangerous to care for children.

    This is a particularly dangerous trend in Public Family Law as it means that if the Doctors cannot explain why your child is Ill and you claim not to be responsible then the child gets removed from you. The test in this is that if the child recovers whilst the parent is not present. That is clearly not proof as there is no control experiment.
  • There are also a number of closely related issues which John Hemming has been researching and campaigning on.

  • Pediatric Medical Ethics and the use of Secret Medical Files
  • The Use of Medical Evidence in Child Protection Cases
  • Reform of the Public Family Law
  • For more information relating to these issues please visit the Justice for Families Campaign Group website

    Page last updated: 05 December 2012