What Labour Party Members say about Jess Phillips

A petition of over 1000 Labour members asking for her to resign
"We wish JESS PHILLIPS to resign as MP of Yardley, as she does not represent our constituents views and our wishes. She has been verbally abusive to minority representatives, and denigrated Birmingham as a city of pernicious sexual abuse. Her actions have not be conducive to the reputation of Birmingham and the constituents of Yardley. As the democratically elected leader of Labour Party, she should have supported Corbyn, not resigned. Keep Corbyn. PHILLIPS Resign.
Petition started by a Labour Member in Acocks Green (which is in Yardley Constituency)

"She used her MP position to secure a book contract and then used the ensuing book to slag off the party that gave her her position in parliament, ... (rude bits deleted)." on Vote forum

"Which ironically, is just one of the reasons why I harbour nothing but contempt for Phillips. I am not a fan of Diane Abbott, but the way in which Phillips has built her 'career' in the media on the back of having a fight with her and bragging about it to The Guardian all who would care to listen in order to feather her own nest with the extra-parliamentary activity that strinity describes, lapping up praise on social media from rum characters that dislike Abbott for reasons that have little to do with political differences (not to mention getting involved in petty squabbles with student activists), makes her to me a very disreputable character." on Vote forum

"In the case of Phillips I don't care what class she comes from. I do care that she's a classic self publicising [swearword edited]" on Vote forum

"I won't lie, seeing Jess Phillips lose her seat then blame everyone but herself for defeat would be a guilty pleasure.
on Vote forum

nb. There are some Labour Party members who like Jess Phillips. This is a website produced by an opposing party and we are not including the positive comments.